Lancaster Billboards: New Digitals

New digital billboards are coming soon to Lancaster county. Permits have been applied for in several municipalities for new 10×30 digital billboards. Upon approval of all permits the billboards could be active and available for advertisers in just a few months. Lancaster city has already issued a permit for a digital billboard on the Manhiem […]

Lancaster Billboard

A new Lancaster billboard is in the works. A 10×30 digital billboard in Lancaster has been applied for on Manheim Pike. The back to back digital billboard in Lancaster will offer an alternative to the existing outdoor advertising currently available. The pine tree will be removed and the digital billboard will offer a great view […]

Lancaster Billboard Easements

Lancaster billboard easements are a sought after investment. “An easement is a right which the owner or occupier of certain land possesses, as such for the beneficial enjoyment of that land to do and continue to do something or to prevent or continue to prevent something being done, in or upon, or in respect of […]

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